Michelin North America, Inc. Has Initiated A Voluntary Recall Of Certain Michelin Tires

BJ’s Wholesale Club was recently informed by Michelin North America, Inc. that they have initiated voluntary recall of certain Michelin LTX/ M/S2, Michelin X Radial LT2 and Michelin Latitude Tour replacement tires sold by BJ’s Wholesale Club and other national retailers. Our records indicate that you purchased Michelin tires that may potentially be affected by this recall.


A small number of the affected tires could have partial or full sidewall perforations that could cause them to experience loss of air pressure. This condition may increase the risk of tire failure and a vehicle crash. Only Michelin tires with certain DOT numbers and date ranges are part of the recall. Please follow this link: http://www.michelinman.com/voluntary-safety-recall.page to the Michelin website with instructions on how to determine if your tires are part of the recall.


If you cannot determine if your tires are part of the recall, please bring your car and this letter into BJ’s club with a Tire Bay and a Tire Bay team member will help you identify whether your tires are part of this recall.


If you or a BJ’s Tire Bay team member determines that your tires are part of the recall, BJ’s will replace the affected tires at no cost to you.


To find the BJ’s Tire Bay closest to you, please see BJ’s Locations Page at www.bjs.com <http://www.bjs.com>  There could be multiple tire replacement options available. However, please be aware that your Club may not have all of the replacement tire options on hand and may need to order them.


If you have any additional questions please contact Michelin customer service at 855-851-4951.