Evenflo Announces Voluntary Recall Select Convertible Car Seats

BJ’s Wholesale Club has been informed by Evenflo that select Convertible Car Seats and Harnessed Booster seats sold by BJ’s and other national retailers, are being recalled because the harness crotch buckle may become difficult to unlatch over time due to contact with food or liquids. This condition may make it difficult to remove a child from the car seat or booster, increasing the risk of injury in an emergency situation where quick exit from the vehicle is necessary.

Click here for a list of the products Evenflo has provided us, including the affected model names and manufacture dates, as well as other important information to help you determine if the car seat or booster seat you purchased is part of this recall. Not all car seats and boosters with the listed model names are impacted. ONLY those that were manufactured on the dates listed. For a complete listing of all models of the car seat and booster seat that are part of this recall, but NOT sold by BJ’s, please consult Evenflo’s website at www.buckle.evenflo.com.

If you determine that you have one of the affected car seats or booster seats, Evenflo will provide you with a free fix kit of a replacement buckle, which includes detailed installation instructions. To verify your product registration and order a remedy fix kit visit www.buckle.evenflo.com or call Evenflo at (800) 490-7591 (8am-5pm EST).

If you donated, sold, or gave away this item, please share this safety recall information with the person that now has this booster seat or car seat.