SPOTLIGHT: The Fortune Hunter Book Summary

 The Fortune HunterElizabeth, known informally as Sisi, is the Empress of Austria. Married to the Emperor while still in her teens, their relationship had long been distant. Believed by many to be the most beautiful woman in Europe during the nineteenth century, her only happiness comes when she travels away from the Austrian Royal Court.

Charlotte Baird is a young heiress in England. She prefers her hobby of photography to any of the social machinations of her class and era. Charlotte would like to be married, but she is looking for true love. No potential suitor has sparked an interest from Charlotte, until she meets Bay.

Bay Middleton is equally well known as the finest horseman in England and as a notorious ladies’ man. He and Charlotte quickly discover an emotional connection. But when Sisi visits England to fox hunt, she acquires Bay as her guide and riding partner. Scandalous rumors of a relationship quickly spread. Will Bay Middleton prove himself to be an honorable gentleman, or is he nothing more than a fortune hunter?

The Fortune Hunter is available in-Club now.

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