At BJ’s, protecting the environment isn’t a new idea. We’ve been an ENERGY STAR Partner since 1998, winning numerous awards for our energy-efficiency programs. Extensive systems monitoring keeps us on track while also inspiring creative new programs. Here’s just some of what we’ve been up to.

To see a complete list, check out our 2014 Corporate Social Responsibility Report.
2013 Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

Sourcing Sustainably
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Conserving Energy
Conserving Resources
  • Fair Trade — A Win-Win for All

    At BJ’s, we’re committed to offering our Members high-quality, sustainably sourced products, and Fair Trade USA-Certified items are a top priority. In developing countries, farmers and workers often don’t receive fair wages for their labor and products. BJ’s Merchandising Environmental Stewardship Program is changing that with strict guidelines that ensure farmers and producers receive a living wage and that items labeled Fair Trade contain at least 25% Fair Trade products.

    When choosing Fair Trade ingredients for some of our most popular Wellsley Farms baked goods, we decided to use only sugar from Belize. By concentrating our Fair Trade sugar purchases in this one region, we’ve increased our impact on the lives of farmers, their communities and the environment [see chart]. We think it makes our Brownie Bites taste that much sweeter and hope you will, too. Learn more at

    *According to Fair Trade USA, in 2013 5% of the annual total of Fair Trade USA-certified sugar was sourced by BJ’s. This amount contributed $320,000 in premiums that Fair Trade USA returned to sugar farmers, enabling them to earn a living wage.

    **Source: Fair Trade USA. Available upon request.

  • Sustainable Seafood

    In partnership with our vendors and leading environmental nonprofit organizations, BJ’s is working to protect the long-term sustainability of the world’s seafood supply. Learn how we provide Members with safe, superior, sustainable seafood at great prices.
  • We Set the Standard for Natural & Organic

    Did you know “natural” products are currently unregulated? That’s why we created our own strict guidelines and testing for natural products, and set tougher organic standards than the USDA. Look for our Natural and Organic shelf signs to find products with no artificial ingredients, GMOs or trans fats.
  • Partnering for the Planet

    BJ’s is working with our Vendors to help them streamline their logistics, identifying opportunities to conserve energy and resources. Check out General Mills’ success story to see how a small change can deliver big benefits for both the Earth and our Members.
    *11% more units/pallet (going from 108 to 120). 3.54% reduction in packaging weight per pound of product shipped. (Note: The actual weight of packaging used increases by 6.1%, offset by the increase in total proportion of product weight).

    **10% reduction in trailers on the road for YBC (year being considered) — the equivalent of 19 trucks off the road.
  • The Buzz About Bee-Friendly Products

    Bees are an essential part of a healthy ecosystem and healthy world. That’s why we’re working with vendors to eliminate neonicotinoids — a class of pesticides that’s harmful to bees — so the garden plants and bulbs we sell will help, not hurt, our buzzing friends.

    Our vendors are also helping us fulfill our Pledge to Bee Action to become a trusted resource for neonicotinoid-free lawn care, dispensable pesticides, flea and tick products for pets, and cut floral arrangements.

    Happy bees — just one more reason we’re committed to integrity in all of our products.

  • Gold You Can Feel Good About

    In some parts of the world, gold is mined irresponsibly, hurting the environment and violating basic human rights. It’s “dirty gold,” and you won’t find it in-Club or on

    We want you to rest assured our gold is produced under the strictest standards. So, we scrutinize the source of every piece, looking at social, environmental and human rights records.

    Recently, we signed the No Dirty Gold and Bristol Bay Protection pledges, reconfirming our commitment to jewelry you can feel good as gold about.

  • Up on the Roof

    To date, we’ve donated roof space for solar panels at 18 Clubs in 6 states. We then purchase the 4,800 kW they generate — that’s enough to power 3,700 homes for a year — to power our Clubs, helping to fund more green energy!
  • Day or Light

    In select Clubs, we’re harnessing the sun so Members can enjoy warm, natural light while they shop. During the day, as sunlight streams through skylights, lights are dimmed. As daylight fades, energy-saving fluorescent lights gradually turn on so the Clubs stay bright.
  • Power-Saving Power Play

    Lights, air conditioning and safe food storage can use a lot of electricity. But last year, BJ’s cut our typical Club usage by about 2.25% with new, more efficient lighting, HVAC systems and refrigeration. Improvements like these don’t just help the environment — they help keep costs low so we can pass the savings on to you.
  • A Bright Idea

    Super-efficient LED lighting is helping us to cut power usage in all of our Clubs. It’s what brightens our lighted displays and makes it easy to find what you need in our energy-efficient freezer and refrigerator cases. Cool! What’s next? We’re busy converting the overhead canopy lights at BJ’s Gas Stations, so they’ll save energy while you save on fill-ups.
  • Power for the People

    Here’s an energy-saving upgrade you can use at home: We’ve installed occupancy sensors and timers in break rooms, offices and rest rooms located in our Home Office, Clubs and Distribution Centers. Now we know rooms are only lit when they’re in use. Try it yourself!
  • Putting Community First

    Heat waves overload electrical grids leading to brownouts or even blackouts. That’s why BJ’s participates in programs created by utilities to manage their peak-load demands. When called upon, we can turn off up to 50% of our Clubs’ lights. Not only are we helping to relieve system-wide stress on the grid; we’re helping to ensure communities get reliable power, year round.
  • Every Drop Counts

    Clean water is a precious natural resource, and BJ’s is working hard to conserve it. That’s why in every Club rest room you’ll find low-flow toilets and faucets activated by sensors. Water turns on when it’s needed and then shuts off automatically, preventing waste.
  • Use. Reuse. Recycle.

    As you can see, small actions — like committing to cardboard recycling in our Clubs, Distribution Centers and Home Office — can make a big difference. That’s why we’re constantly improving on our program, saving an additional 4 tons of cardboard from landfills in 2013 compared to 2011.
    *Environmental benefits listed represent the difference in natural resource consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions resulting from using recycled vs. virgin inputs. Sources available upon request.
  • Waste Not, Want Not

    Landfills are full of wasted food. But since 2011, BJ’s Feeding Communities Program has been fighting hunger and protecting the Earth by ensuring that unsold food from our Clubs that is still wholesome and nutritious is safely processed and donated to local food banks. To date, over 15 million pounds of food have been donated — that’s 12,809,438 meals!
  • BJ’s One Million Tree Commitment

    In 2013, BJ’s joined forces with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant over 1 million trees by the year 2020 in our nation’s forests and communities devastated by natural disasters. We’re working hard to meet our goal with 142,854 trees planted in our first year alone.