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Shed some light on shadowy situations with affordable flashlights and lanterns from BJ's Wholesale Club. Browse and compare our full selection of battery-, gas- and solar-powered portable lighting solutions to find exactly what you need at an affordable price. Our LED flashlights, headlamps and lanterns offer long-lasting, powerful light sources that emit lower heat than traditional bulbs so you have more freedom to move and explore. Some of our flashlights can be recharged with solar or hand crank systems, ideal for long term, emergency or off-grid lighting needs.

Move around more easily at night with high-performance headlamps featuring the latest advances in durable, hands-free design. Use glowsticks or camping lanterns to indicate landmarks, entrances or pathways and navigate dark spaces with confidence. To keep your lights on in an emergency or to power a range of reactional and occupational activities, check out our selection of portable, affordable gas generators online.

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