BJ’s Inner Circle® Membership Privileges and Conditions

We are pleased that you have selected BJ’s, and we look forward to serving you. The privileges and conditions of Membership are described below. If you have any questions, please email BJ’s at or call BJ’s Member Care at 800-BJS-CLUB (257-2582) Monday – Friday, 9AM – 7PM E.T., Saturday, 9AM – 6PM E.T. and Sunday, 12NOON – 6PM E.T. (including holidays) for more information.

1. Membership Benefits and Options

An Inner Circle® Membership provides one Primary Membership Card and a Household Card, provided at no additional charge, that may only be issued to a person residing at the same residence as the Primary Member as confirmed by BJ’s. (A “household” is defined as one household address.) Up to three (3) additional supplemental Memberships may be purchased for use by a person residing at the same residence as the Primary Member. Membership is effective for one year from enrollment.

A BJ’s Business Membership provides one Primary Business Card and one Business Supplemental Card, provided at no additional charge, that may only be issued to a business associate and up to eight (8) Supplemental Cards may be purchased. (A “business” is defined as one business address.) Membership is effective for one year from enrollment.

2. Coupon Policy

BJ’s Wholesale Club accepts manufacturers’ coupons for merchandise purchased at the register in any Club where the product is sold. Coupons provided to Members by BJ’s can be redeemed on purchases only. Membership renewal coupons can be used to renew Memberships. BJ’s enforces all rules of redemption as stated on coupons.

3. Refund and Return Policy

Merchandise purchased in the Club may be returned in the Club for a refund or exchange within thirty (30) days of purchase with original receipt and in the original carton, except as noted below. Without a receipt, a refund will be issued on a BJ’s Gift Card with management approval except where prohibited by law. Computers are returnable within fourteen (14) days of purchase with original receipt. Repair of products covered under a manufacturer’s limited warranty must be handled through an authorized service center and should not be returned to BJ’s Wholesale Club.

4. Purchasing, Guests, and Receipt & Inspection Procedures

BJ’s accepts cash, checks, debit cards and EBT at Clubs as well as Visa®, BJ’s Visa® Card, MasterCard® Card, American Express® and Discover® Network both at Clubs and online. Checks are subject to an approval process. No sales will be made to any person unless such person has a valid Membership Card or Pass. Each Cardholder may bring two guests; however, guests do not have purchasing privileges. Cardholders may be required to purchase any packages opened or damaged by them or their guests. Parents must keep their children with them at all times. Liquor and tobacco sales cannot be made to minors. BJ’s can refuse entry to anyone at any time. At time of purchase, Member assumes ownership and bears risk of loss. BJ’s reserves the right to inspect any bag, backpack, briefcase or container upon entry or exit. BJ’s inspects all receipts as Members exit the Club to ensure that Members have not been overcharged or undercharged for an item and that all selections appear on the receipt.

5. Returned Check Policy

All returned checks are subject to a service fee as determined by state law and any legal fees incurred by BJ’s to recoup payment. Service fees are subject to change without notice. BJ’s reserves the right to suspend or cancel Membership privileges when a Member does not make good on a returned check and to pursue appropriate legal remedies to recover such monies.

6. Business Member Resale Permit and Taxes

If the Member intends to purchase merchandise for resale and claim an exemption from sales tax, BJ’s Wholesale Club must have a valid, signed state Resale Organization Certificate on file at the Club of Membership. If the Member is purchasing merchandise on behalf of an exempt organization, BJ’s Wholesale Club must have a valid signed state Exempt Organization Certificate on file. The Member must accurately complete the Supplemental Certificate of Resale or Exempt Organization Certificate provided by the cashier at the time of purchase. The Primary Cardholder shall immediately notify BJ’s Wholesale Club if the Resale Certificate on file with the Club is invalid or if the description of products to be resold has been changed. All purchases by tax exempt organizations in the states of CT, ME and RI must be paid for with an organizational check or credit card. In the states of FL and NY, all purchases by tax exempt organizations must be paid for with an organizational check, credit card, or cash.

The Member and Primary Cardholder agree that in the event the Primary or Supplemental Cardholders fail to pay sales tax, all will hold BJ’s Wholesale Club harmless from and indemnify BJ’s against any claim, loss or expense arising out of such nonpayment, and BJ’s Wholesale Club reserves the right to suspend or terminate the corresponding Membership in such case. In the event any taxable property purchased without tax is not resold or used or consumed by the exempt organization for the purpose to which the exemption applies, it is understood that the Member or Cardholders are required by applicable state and local tax law to report and pay tax, measured by the purchase price of such property or other authorized amount.

7. Membership Money-Back Guarantee and Cancellation of Authorized Card User

Members who are dissatisfied may cancel their Membership at any time and request a refund of Membership fees paid for the current Membership period at all BJ’s Club locations, except where prohibited by law. Any cancellation by any authorized Card user can be made at the Club or sent in writing via letter to BJ’s Wholesale Club, Inc., Attn: Membership, 25 Research Drive, Westborough, MA 01581.

8. Renewal Policy

Memberships renewed within 2 months after expiration of the current Membership year will be extended for 12 months from the expiration date. Memberships renewed more than 2 months after such expiration will be exteneded for12 months from the renewal date.

9. Non-transferability and Cancellation of Membership

BJ’s Wholesale Club Membership Cards are to be used only by the individuals to whom they are issued. BJ’s reserves the right to require photo identification on Membership Card. BJ’s cashiers will check Membership Cards at point of sale for identity purposes. Membership is non-transferable. The Primary Member (or an owner or officer of a Business Member) shall have the sole authority to make changes to the Membership and receive and request appropriate information. Cancellation of Primary Membership will cancel Supplemental Memberships. Supplementary Members and Household Members may receive information about their own Membership, however, Membership fee refunds will only be paid to the Primary Member. The Primary Member must be eighteen (18) years of age to purchase a Membership. Supplemental Members and Household Members under 18 may be added if they reside at the same address. Sale of certain items, including but not limited to alcohol and tobacco, will be subject to legal age restrictions. BJ’s reserves the right to require valid government-issued identification for Membership enrollments and changes. BJ’s Wholesale Club reserves the right to deny Membership to any applicant and terminate Membership at its discretion. Membership is subject to all rules adopted by BJ’s and may be amended from time to time without notice to or consent by Member. Membership Cards remain the property of BJ’s Wholesale Club and BJ’s may require you to surrender your Card.

10. Availability of Items

Due to a significant amount of inventory that may not be replenished, BJ’s does not offer rainchecks for out-of-stock items.

11. Reissuance of Gift Cards without Receipt

BJ’s cannot reissue a lost Gift Card without the original receipt, which contains the Gift Card number. BJ’s will reissue the remaining balance on record as of the date of requested reissuance.

12. Club Conduct

In order to preserve the enjoyment of each Member’s shopping experience, BJ’s strictly prohibits solicitation, running, horseplay, loitering, the consumption of alcohol or other disruptive conduct on its premises and reserves the right to require anyone engaged in such conduct to leave the Club.

13. Opt-out Policy

Members can opt out of any BJ’s promotional communication at any time by any of the methods described in BJ’s Privacy Policy. You may still periodically receive email from BJ’s Specialty Business partners from whom you may have purchased goods or services and must unsubscribe from receiving promotional materials directly with such partners.

14. Privacy Policy

BJ’s respects your right to privacy and our documented Privacy Policy details our practices and policies. We are the sole owner of collected information and we will not sell, share or rent this information in ways different than disclosed in our Privacy Policy. Please read the BJ’s Privacy Policy in its entirety online, or call BJ’s Member Care at 800-BJS-CLUB (257-2582) to request a copy.