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  • SPOTLIGHT: The Kitchen House Book Review & Summary

    Told from the point-of-view of an Irish serving girl, Kathleen Grissom's unsentimental debut explores how the harshness of life on an 18th century Virginia Tidewater slave plantation tested the bonds of love, loyalty and family.

  • About the Author

    In her own words, the author tells the story of how being true to herself led her on a twisted path from a career in nursing in her native Canada to a new life as an author in the U.S.

  • An Interview with the Author

    We sat down with the first-time author to learn what inspired her novel and get her take on character development and historical research.

  • Questions for Discussion

    Use these questions to help your book group get inside the head of Grissom’s characters.

  • SPOTLIGHT: Beautiful Day Book Review & Summaryp>In the latest outing from the best selling author of Silver Girl and Summer People, Nantucket battens down the hatches for the wedding of the summer and nothing, absolutely nothing, will keep this day from going off exactly as dictated by the bride’s mother before her death seven years ago. Get your invitation today!

  • About the Author

    Learn how this popular author overcame personal tragedy to fulfill her dreams.

  • An Interview with the Author

    Get the lowdown on Hilderbrand’s new novel from the author herself.

  • Questions for Discussion

    Use these questions to get the conversation flowing at your book club gathering.

  • What's New in Books

    Great reads available at your Club this spring.