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Keeping Your Home Organized Is Easy - Home and Food Storage Buying Guide

Is your home cluttered with toys, clothes, or seasonal items? If you're like many people, you find it's often a hassle to figure out where to put things. BJ's Wholesale Club has home storage bins and other storage solutions that can help you reduce stress, be more productive, and feel more organized. These storage solutions allow you to find the thing you need without wasting any time searching for it.

What is the best home storage?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your belongings? Clutter is a common issue in homes as objects seem to multiply faster than you can find places to put them. Decluttering can have benefits beyond the obvious. Research shows that clutter can seriously harm your productivity and even cost you money when you have trouble locating important items such as financial documents. Finding the right storage bins is one of the best ways to get more organized and cut down on clutter.

Our home storage products include bins and containers that are convenient for storing anything. We have plastic storage bins of varying sizes for all purposes. The following are just some of the things you might use plastic storage for:

• Computer supplies such as printer cartridges, printer paper, etc.

• Store your belongings when you move

• Pack unused clothing to bring to a donation center such as Goodwill

• File, books, magazines and newspapers

• Collections of records, CDs or DVDs

Your garage is also a great place to store things. However, all too often, it becomes messy and disorganized. You can use a variety of methods to organize your garage, including our garage storage bins. Another option is to place items on racks, which frees up a great deal of space. BJ's has convenient overhead Saferacks made from industrial-strength steel, which makes it easy to neatly and safely store anything, such as:

• Toolboxes

• Garden tools

• Boxes of holiday decorations 

Saferacks also come with utility hooks, rail hooks and deck hooks from which you can hang larger items such as strollers, exercise equipment or bicycles. With these racks, you get all your garage space back for your vehicles or for additional storage.

What is the best food storage?

Everyone needs to store food whether it's leftover lasagna, a salad you're preparing for dinner or your lunch at work. Food storage containers need to be of high quality to ensure they are airtight and able to keep everything fresh for as long as possible. We have food storage containers, carrier sets and other food storage solutions that are ideal for many situations such as:

• Bringing food to work or school

• Taking food to a party or potluck event

• Going on a picnic

• Storing leftovers in the refrigerator

Where can I buy home storage?

Are you ready to take control of your home and possessions? At BJ's, we have a wide variety of storage solutions, including food storage containers. We want to help you declutter your home and get organized. For added convenience, choose our Free In-Club Pickup option, which lets you save time and avoid lines by ordering online and picking up your order at the store.