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Looking for an affordable and effective way to cool your office, bedroom or another space in your home? BJ's Wholesale Club carries portable air conditioners to keep you comfortable whenever and wherever the temperature rises. Perfect for smaller spaces, added cooling power or just to keep handy as a backup in case your main HVAC goes down, portable AC units get the job done at a price you can feel good about.

Save Money with Portable Air Conditioners

A compact air conditioner is an economical way to cool down any space without having to spend a fortune on a full-sized unit. Whole-house air conditioners typically cost thousands of dollars, with commercial units costing much more. Of course, there's added expenses for ductwork and installation! When you add all the costs of a new cooling system together, the savings you get with one or even multiple portable AC units can be a simple no-brainer. Pair your portable air conditioner with cooling fans and discount humidifiers to create a custom climate that works for you.

Versatile Cooling Options

You'll find plenty of versatile cooling options that won't break the bank when you shop air conditioners at BJ's Wholesale. A portable air conditioner provides dependable performance in an easy-to-move package that gives you cool comfort wherever you need it. Need to cool down a single room? Try a reliable window AC unit that you can easily install yourself. Whether installing an HVAC system would be impossible or prohibitively expensive or you're only using part of a building and therefore don't want to pay to cool all of it, portable air conditioners are a great solution that offer both flexibility and affordability.

In fact, today's feature-packed portable air conditioners do more than just keep you cool. At BJ's Wholesale Club, you'll find multifunction air conditioners on sale with capabilities far beyond your basic air conditioner, including fan and dehumidifier modes. Many models come with variable fan speeds and extra features like programmable timers, easy-to-read LED screens, remote controls and more.

Easy Shopping

Staying chill is a breeze when you shop at Do you have lots of space to cool? We make it easy to find the perfect air conditioning units for your needs. Sort our selection by coverage area in square feet, and quickly find the right unit for any room. You can also compare air conditioners by BTU rating and power requirements, based on your building's needs. We even offer portable AC units in multiple colors, making it easy to cool down a room without killing the decor. Use our easy filter options to narrow down your search by price range, customer rating and more, and select up to four individual models to compare side by side. You can even sign up to receive price alerts on your favorite models by email. When you're ready to buy, enjoy free shipping on most models or see which ones are available for pickup at your nearest BJ's club location.

Don't wait for conditions to become unbearable for yourself, your family or your colleagues. Grab a state-of-the-art unit from our selection of portable air conditioners, and keep cool knowing that BJ's has you covered with powerful and cost-effective AC units that can keep everyone comfortable when the thermometer climbs.