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Berkley Jensen OTC Medicines

When you want a convenient quantity of potent flu, cold or allergy medication at a low cost, shop BJ's own generic medications. Featuring the same ingredients as the other brand names you know, our over-the-counter drugs come at a lower cost to stop pain in your body and your wallet.

Pain & Fever Medicine

Be prepared when it comes to severe pain or fever. Make sure you have effective analgesics to target your symptoms as soon as they strike. Find all the brands you trust to fix your pain or fever fast, including Bayer, Advil, Tylenol, Aleve, Excedrin and more - all at an affordable price.

Cough & Cold Medicine

Stop your cold in its tracks with our cough and cold medicines. Cough drops, caplets, liquid cold medicine and topical ointments are designed to help you feel healthy again as soon as possible. Daytime medicines are designed to keep you focused and alert, while nighttime cold medicines will help you get a more restful sleep. Find trusted brands like Theraflu, Alka-Seltzer, Halls, NyQuil and more.

Allergy & Sinus Medicine

Keep your allergies in check with reliable allergy and sinus medicines from all your favorite brands. Our nasal sprays offer long-lasting relief from sinus congestion, sneezing, and runny or itchy nose. These medications also work to reduce inflammation in your nasal passage, easing breathing. Shop our selection of allergy and sinus pills for extra relief from common allergy symptoms, including non-drowsy formulas that won't slow you down.

Digestive Health

Keep your gut in check with affordable digestive health supplements, including mix-in powders, gummies, tablets and liquid medications. Choose from a wide assortment of digestive health remedies to treat of a number of issues.

Sleep Aids

When you need help falling asleep, shop our sleep aids for adults. Sleeping pills, melatonin tablets, nasal strips and other sleep solutions from trusted brands can help give you a real night of rest when you really need it. Shop trusted brands like ZzzQuil and Nature Made to find the best OTC sleep aid for you.

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