Give Employees What They Really Want
BJ's Corporate Membership Program: A Valuable Perk, No Cost to You

BJ's Corporate Membership Program can help you offer employees a popular benefit that will save them money — without costing your business a penny: their very own BJ's Membership!

Don't wait to learn more about this cost-effective retention tool — including possible special offers.

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A Program Designed with Your Business in Mind

  • Employees get a BJ's Membership that can save them over $500 on groceries a year*.
    That's because BJ's Members can save up to 30%* or more off supermarket prices.

  • You get turnkey convenience. We'll work with you to spread the word, as well as providing any signage,
    flyers or other necessary materials.

  • No cost to you — ever. No hidden costs. No implementation fees. No maintenance fees. We charge your
    company nothing for this service.

  • No workplace downtimes. Employees join or renew during lunch, or breaks, onsite or off — it's up to you.



*Up to 30% or more and over $500 per-year savings are compared to supermarket prices in research conducted by Warehouse Club Focus, October 2011. Savings are based on the per-unit price of a market basket of items. Savings may vary based upon market area and items purchased.