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Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions about BJ’s and BJ’s Membership.

If you can’t find the answer to your question below, please contact BJ’s Member Care.

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General Information

How do I find a BJ’s near me?
Go to the Club Locations listing. Enter your ZIP code to find the 3 closest Clubs within a 25-mile radius. Or, find your state and then choose the city or town nearest to you to view the address, phone number, hours and location map of the closest BJ’s. You will also be able to see the features of a particular Club.

You may also call 800-BJS-CLUB (800-257-2582) at any time and say or press "1" to use BJ’s automated Club locator service.

What time does BJ’s open?
Hours for Clubs and services vary, so be sure to check the Club’s information page for details. You may also call 800-BJS-CLUB (800-257-2582) at any time and say or press "1" to use BJ’s automated Club locator service.

What kind of selection will I find?
At BJ’s, you’ll find thousands of the best-selling, top-quality brands —like Sony®, Tide®, Pampers® and other products you know, trust and use. BJ’s also carries its own Club brand, Berkley and Jensen®, which has proven to be a Member favorite. Berkley and Jensen offers quality equal or superior to that of national brands — but at a much lower price.

What are BJ’s Services?
Upon payment of your Membership fee, you will automatically receive access to a variety of discounted services provided through BJ’s Specialty Business Partners. Take advantage of Member-only discounts from Verizon Wireless, Liberty Mutual® Insurance, BJ’s Travel™, BJ’s Optical® and others and save on cell phones and accessories, auto and home insurance, vacations and travel, eyewear and much more.

Savings Opportunities

How can I save with BJ’s Everyday Low Prices?
Independent research shows that BJ’s Everyday Low Prices can save you more than 30%* off supermarket prices. And, BJ’s delivers low prices every day, not just during sales.

These savings are only available to BJ’s Members and to the Household and Supplemental Members on their accounts.

*30% savings is compared to supermarket prices and is based on the per unit price of a market basket of items. Savings may vary based upon market area and items purchased. Research conducted by Warehouse Club Focus, October 2011.

Can I use coupons?
Absolutely! BJ’s accepts all manufacturers’ coupons — including the ones that come in your Sunday newspaper — giving you additional savings on top of our everyday low prices. Plus, we offer BJ’s Members-only coupons throughout the year. After all, saving you money is what BJ’s is all about.

You can get your exclusive BJ’s coupons:

  • Online. Members, you can access and print in-Club coupons once you register with an online account on BJs.com. Register by clicking on “Sign In/Register” at the top of any BJs.com page.
  • In BJ’s Journal, a BJ’s Member magazine
  • Through special-offer mailings
  • In BJ’s in-Club coupon flyers
  • Via email. If you are registered on BJs.com, you can sign in to your online account and select “Email Options” to subscribe to BJ’s emails and receive weekly updates on BJs.com Instant Coupons.

What are the guidelines for using more than one coupon?

When purchasing a multi-pack of “individual for sale” packaged items, which is a set of items that could be sold individually (each item has a barcode) shrink-wrapped and sold together, Members can combine one BJ's-issued coupon with manufacturers' coupons. However, you cannot exceed the actual retail price in the total value of coupons.

Examples of a multi-pack:

  • Three-pack of toothpaste
  • Two-pack of salad dressing
  • Three-pack of taco kits

Examples of products that are NOT multi-packs:

  • Box of cereal containing two bags (the bags cannot be sold individually)
  • Case of water
  • Case of soda
  • Case of motor oil

Members may also use one BJ's coupon and one manufacturer's coupon on a single item.

In terms of manufacturers' coupons that are “buy one, get one free,” we will honor the coupon for items in stock as long as our price does not exceed the maximum value stated on the coupon. If the manufacturer's coupon does not state the maximum value, we cannot honor the coupon.

We cannot accept multiple BJ's-issued coupons on a product.

Does BJ’s take all major credit cards?
Yes. BJ’s offers the most payment options of any membership warehouse club. In addition to cash, checks, debit cards and EBT, you can charge your purchases on your Visa®, BJ’s Visa® Card, MasterCard®, American Express®, or Discover® Network credit card.

Note: Business Members may also use business checks for purchases with proper identification.

Do BJ’s Clubs participate in state sales tax holidays?
Yes. If you make a qualified purchase during a state sales tax holiday from a Club within that state, you will not be charged state sales tax. However, local sales taxes may still be charged, depending on the terms of your state’s legislation.

Are online orders eligible for tax-free status during state sales tax holidays?
Yes. Qualified online purchases made during the specified tax-free time period are eligible if the online purchases are shipped to an address within the state offering the sales tax holiday. Sales tax on online orders is determined by the ship-to state.

BJ’s Visa® Card

How many types of BJ’s Visa® Cards are there?
There are two different cards, each with its own features and benefits: the BJ’s Visa® Card and the BJ’s Visa® Business Card.

How do I earn points with my BJ’s Visa® Card?
You earn 2 (two) points per one dollar ($1.00) spent on eligible purchases made through the front-end registers at any Club location, BJ’s Gas® stations and on BJs.com. For purchases made at all other locations where Visa® is accepted, you will earn 1 (one) point per one dollar ($1.00) spent.

How can I tell how many points I’ve earned?
Point accumulations will be reported on your monthly billing statement. You may also view your points and manage your account at www.barclaycardus.com.

Can I earn points for balance transfers?
No, not at this time.

How many points do I need to earn to start receiving BJ’s Bucks®?
Each time you earn 3,000 points you will receive $30.00 in BJ’s Bucks®.

How do I receive my BJ’s Bucks®?
For every 3,000 points you earn, you will receive a BJ’s Bucks® check for $30, issued on your next monthly statement. BJ’s Bucks® checks are issued in increments of $30. Points not applied toward a BJ’s Bucks® check for a given month will carry over to the next month.

If I earn 6,500 points, will I receive 2 BJ’s Bucks® checks in my next statement?
No. You will always receive 1 (one) BJ’s Bucks® check for the total amount owed to you. If you earn 6,500 points in a given month, your next monthly statement will contain a single BJ’s Bucks® check in the amount of $60.00 ($30.00 per 3,000 points earned). Your remaining 500 points will roll over to your next statement.

Will my points ever expire?
Yes. Points that are not applied toward BJ’s Bucks® expire after 36 months.

Is there a limit to how many BJ’s Bucks® I can earn?
No. Each time you earn 3,000 points, you will receive $30.00 in BJ’s Bucks®.

Can I transfer my points to another Member to help him or her earn BJ’s Bucks®?
No. Points are not transferable.

Do BJ’s Bucks® checks expire?
The BJ’s Bucks® check sent with your monthly statement expire 90 days from the date it is issued. Once expired BJ’s Bucks® checks cannot be reissued.

Where can I spend my BJ’s Bucks® checks?
Your BJ’s Bucks® checks can only be used for purchases of BJ’s Club merchandise (as permitted by law) made through BJ’s front-end registers. Simply hand them to the cashier when it’s time to pay. Additional use restrictions may apply. See check for details.

Can I cash my BJ’s Bucks® checks?
No. BJ’s Bucks® checks are not redeemable for cash. However, they can be used to buy qualifying items, including groceries and general merchandise, at any BJ’s Club location.

Can I redeem my BJ’s Bucks® checks for BJs.com merchandise?
No. At this time, BJ’s Bucks® checks can only be redeemed for Club groceries and merchandise.

Can I give my BJ’s Bucks® check to someone else?
No. BJ’s Bucks® checks are nontransferable. They can only be used by the Member to whom they were issued.

Can I use my BJ’s Visa® Card as my BJ’s Membership Card when I shop in-Club?
Yes, but only if you have a BJ’s Visa® Card with your BJ’s Membership Number imprinted on it.

The BJ’s Visa® Business Card cannot be used as your BJ’s Membership Card.

How do I get my BJ’s Membership Number imprinted on my BJ’s Visa® Card?
To have your Membership Number imprinted on your BJ’s Visa® Card, simply provide it in the designated area of your BJ’s Visa® Card Application Form.

At this time, this benefit is limited to Primary Members, First Supplemental Members on business accounts and paid Supplemental Members. Household Members do not have unique Membership Numbers and therefore cannot use a BJ’s Visa® Card as a BJ’s Membership Card.

What is BJ’s Membership Auto Renew?
BJ’s Membership Auto Renew is a program that automatically renews your BJ’s Membership and charges the Membership fee to your BJ’s Visa® Card.

How do I sign up for BJ’s Membership Auto Renew?
You are automatically enrolled in the BJ’s Membership Auto Renew program upon your approval for a BJ’s Visa ® Card unless you checked the box on your application form indicating your desire to opt out. You can only enroll in the Auto Renew program when you apply for your BJ’s Visa Card. Please note: If you choose to opt out, you cannot enroll in BJ’s Auto Renew at a later time.

To cancel participation in the BJ’s Membership Auto Renew program, please contact BJ’s Member Care online or call 800-BJS-CLUB (800-257-2582), Monday – Friday, 9AM – 7PM E.T., Saturday, 9AM – 6PM E.T. and Sunday, 12NOON – 6PM E.T.

I only wanted to renew one of the Supplemental Members on my BJ’s account, but my monthly statement shows that I was charged for two. How do I get a refund?
Please contact Barclay’s Customer Service directly via the toll-free number on the back of your BJ’s Visa® Card for any and all questions pertaining to charges on your account. They will help you obtain a refund for incorrect charges.

Non-member Shopping

Do I have to be a Member to shop at BJ’s Clubs?
No. Non-members may shop at BJ’s Clubs with a One Day Shopping Pass obtainable at the Member Services Desk in-Club or online – just click on “One Day Pass” at the bottom of any BJs.com page. (See next question for additional information.)

What is a One Day Shopping Pass?
A One Day Shopping Pass is a special Pass that allows non-members to experience BJ’s Club shopping for a full day. Click on the “One Day Pass” link in the footer of BJs.com or obtain a Pass at the Member Services Desk in-Club. Non-members are required to have a Pass in order to purchase goods from BJ’s Clubs.

Unless otherwise specified, all One Day Shopping Passes carry a 15% non-member surcharge over and above BJ’s listed prices on all merchandise except alcohol. A paid BJ’s Membership is required to purchase gasoline or diesel fuel at all BJ’s Gas® Stations. If you purchase a BJ’s Membership within 7 days of using your Pass, your non-member surcharge will be applied toward the Membership fee when you present your original receipt from your initial purchase at the Member Services Desk. Pay with cash, Visa®, BJ’s Visa® Card, MasterCard® Card, American Express®, Discover® Network, debit cards or EBT. Sorry, no checks.

Communications Management

How do I remove myself from your postal mailing list?
To remove yourself from BJ’s postal mailing list, write to: BJ’s Wholesale Club, Inc., Attn.: Member Care, 25 Research Drive, Westborough, MA 01581.

You may also use Member Care’s online Contact Us form to submit your request. Or, call our Member Care line at 800-BJS-CLUB (800-257-2582) Monday – Friday, 9AM – 7PM E.T., Saturday, 9AM – 6PM E.T. and Sunday, 12NOON – 6PM E.T.

See BJ’s Privacy Policy for details.

How do I remove myself from your email offer list?
If you would like to unsubscribe from our email list, you may do so by clicking the link located at the bottom of every email from BJ’s.

Other options:

  • If you are registered on BJs.com, you may sign in to your online account, select “Email Options,” and then select “Unsubscribe me from all BJ’s promotional emails.”
  • Fill out BJ’s Member Care’s online Contact Us form
  • Call our Member Care line at 800-BJS-CLUB (800-257-2582) Monday – Friday, 9AM – 7PM E.T., Saturday, 9AM – 6PM E.T. and Sunday, 12NOON – 6PM E.T.
  • Write to: BJ’s Wholesale Club, Inc., Attn.: Member Care, 25 Research Drive, Westborough, MA 01581

See BJ’s Privacy Policy for details - just click on "Privacy Policy" at the bottom of any BJs.com page.

How do I receive your special offers by email?
Once you register on BJs.com, you may sign in to your online account by clicking on “Sign In/Register” at the top of any page. Click on “Email Options,” and select “Subscribe me for all BJ’s promotional emails.” Once you subscribe, you should begin receiving email offers and communications within 2 – 3 weeks. If you do not yet have an online account, you may register by clicking on “Sign In/Register.”

BJ’s Gift Cards

How do I buy a BJ’s Gift Card?
Unfortunately, at this time we are not able to sell BJ’s Gift Cards on BJs.com. If you would like to purchase a BJ’s Gift Card, please email GiftCardRequest@bjs.com with the following information:

  • Name
  • Phone number where you’d like to be contacted
  • Where Gift Card will be sent:
         City, State, ZIP
  • How many Gift Cards you'd like to purchase
  • Denomination of Gift Card(s)

Please do not include your credit card information in your email. A representative will contact you within 48 business hours to process your payment information.

If your question has not been answered, please Contact Us or call 800-BJS-CLUB (800-257-2582) Monday – Friday, 9AM – 7PM E.T., Saturday, 9AM – 6PM E.T. and Sunday, 12NOON – 6PM E.T.