About BJ’s Charitable Foundation®

Our commitment to giving our Members more doesn't stop at the service, selection, or value in our Clubs. At BJ’s, we take pride in actively working to improve the communities our Members live in. Which is why we started the BJ’s Charitable Foundation.

Since its inception in 2005, BJ’s Charitable Foundation has given over
$19 million through grants, annual programs and special initiatives, to over 2,300 community organizations in the 16 states where BJ’s Clubs are located. BJ’s Charitable Foundation contributes the bulk of its funding to organizations that provide services to people in need, specifically in the areas of hunger prevention and education.

BJ’s Charitable Foundation Grant Recipients
We’ve been lucky to work with thousands of organizations. A listing of those organizations by year can be found if you click on the links below.

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The BJ’s Charitable Foundation Board of Directors has changed our giving strategy. The decision was made after much discussion and review of several data points. Moving forward, we will no longer provide a quarterly grant-making opportunity.

Instead, BJ’s Charitable Foundation has established national partnerships with organizations like the Arbor Day Foundation, Feeding America, Meals on Wheels of America and DonorsChoose.org. Currently, we are neither accepting unsolicited proposals, nor are we seeking out new partner organizations.

This change in strategy is in no way a reflection of how the Foundation feels about the dedication and incredible work of past grantees. We applaud the efforts of these organizations and feel honored to have had the opportunity to be partners these past years.

To learn more about the work that BJ’s Charitable Foundation is doing to fight hunger in our communities, please visit BJs.com/hunger.

To learn more about how BJ’s Charitable Foundation supports education initiatives throughout our footprint, please visit BJs.com/school.

To find instructions on how to request a Gift Card or in-kind donation from your local BJ’s Club, please visit BJs.com/local.

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BJ’s Charitable Foundation reserves the right to change relevant dates and other descriptive material without notice.

BJ’s Charitable Foundation is a donor-advised fund at a national public charity. All contributions to BJ’s Charitable Foundation go directly to the public charity that sponsors the donor-advised fund, and all grants from the donor-advised fund are made at the recommendation of BJ’s Charitable Foundation and its delegates, and at the discretion of the sponsoring charity.