Buy Now, Pay Later

What is it? Buy Now Pay Later is a payment option that allows members to apply for a flat rate monthly installment loan on product transactions of $99.00 or more.  Buy Now Pay Later will be available on Members will be able to choose 3, 6, 12 or 24 month term lengths. Variable APR interest and 0% promotional financing options available


Who is eligible for this service? All Primary, Supplemental, and HHM's with a BJ's The Club Card , The Club+ Card or BJ's One Mastercard program tier membership can apply for a Citizens Pay Line of Credit. Please note that One-Day Pass Members and Online Access Only Memberships will not be able to apply for this service. 


What items are eligible for this service? Eligible categories include Electronics, Home Furnishings, Houseware, Lawn and Garden Care, Appliances, Jewelry, Health and Beauty, Sports and Fitness, Computers and Printers, TVs, Mobile Accessories, Wearable Technology, Office, Automotive, Groceries and Nutrition, Home Improvement, Child Necessities, Mattresses, Security and Home Monitoring, Cameras and Video Gaming Systems., and most Clearance Items. 


What payment methods can I use alongside Buy Now Pay Later? Members can use a credit card or Rewards alongside orders financed through Buy Now Pay Later. Please note that Buy Now Pay Later orders cannot be paired with Apple Pay, Gift Cards, or PayPal. 


What items are not eligible for this service? Non-qualifying products include gas, tobacco, alcohol, gift cards, and memberships. You will also not be able to use Buy Now Pay Later on any items purchased through a subscription, or same-day delivery. 


What information does a member need to apply for a Citizens Pay Line of Credit? The Member will be asked to provide their: Full name, address, mobile phone number, date of birth, social security number, and income. In some cases, the member may also be asked to provide a previous address or a shipping address.


Why do you need a Member’s phone number to receive a passcode? The Member’s cell phone number is used as an added security feature. The Member should use their cell phone number with text messaging capabilities, but if that is not available, the Member can use the “did not receive code” feature and select to have a Citizens Pay representative call the member to provide a code.


Why do you need a Member’s Social Security Number (SSN)? Social Security Number (SSN) is one of the pieces of information that will be used to retrieve the Member’s credit profile and ensure that Citizens Pay is evaluating the credit history of the right person. This must be a Social Security number issued by the United States government.


Will the member get a monthly bill? The Member will receive notification from Citizens Pay of their first statement approximately nine days after completing their purchase. The full statement may be viewed on Citizens Pay’s eCustomer Service portal at service.citizensone.comor the Member can call  888-522-9881


Can members make payments in-club? No. Members can make payments to Citizens Pay by calling toll-free (888) 522-9881 or can make payments and view account activity by enrolling at


If a Member is approved for a Citizens Line of Credit but does not complete the purchase process will their account be automatically closed? Yes. After 90 days of inactivity at a $0 balance, the Citizens Pay Line of Credit will be automatically closed.


How quickly will the member know if they are approved? Applicants will get instant notification from Citizens Pay after entering some basic information about themselves.


Does applying impact the Member’s credit rating Citizens Pay offers a pre-qualification option which uses a soft credit pull which does not impact the Member’s credit to check eligibility for the financing program.  Once a Member reviews and agrees to the Line of Credit Terms and Conditions and submits the applications, Citizens Pay will hard pull their credit to help make a credit decision. The hard credit inquiry will reflect on the Member’s credit report.


What happens if a Member is declined? An applicant who is declined will be notified on screen that their “application cannot be approved.” An email containing more information about the reason for the decline will be sent to them, or they may call the Citizens Pay Customer Care center for more details. 


What is the interest rate for the Citizens Pay Line of Credit? Citizens Pay program terms and conditions are specific for each Member for each transaction, so the actual terms and rates will be displayed to approved members.


Citizens Pay indicated that they couldn’t verify a Member’s identity. Why did this happen? The most common reason that Citizens Pay is unable to confirm an identity is because some information was entered on the application incorrectly.


If a Member used their Citizens Line of Credit to pay for multiple purchases at BJ’s, can they combine payments? The Member will receive one combined Citizens Pay statement that shows the detail for each transaction made. It will include a combined payment due.


If a Member has a Citizens Line of Credit for purchases outside of BJ's, can they combine payments? The Member will not be able to combine payments between retailers. Members will have a separate line of credit and will receive a separate Citizens Pay Statement for transactions made at BJ’s.