Changes to Reward Redemption Amounts

Starting on February 27, 2023 , BJ’s has changed the way Members can redeem their Rewards. Up to this point, Members could only redeem their Rewards in allotments of $20. Now Members can redeem their Rewards in increments of at least $10! 

Rewards are only redeemable at BJ's on eligible purchases and membership fees at checkout in-club, on, or on the BJ’s mobile app. Rewards that are applied must be greater than or equal to the reward redemption amount. Use of rewards will not create a negative balance or give a cash back balance at checkout.

Rewards may be used by authorized users on your account if such users are also a BJ's members and you have elected to share such rewards. 

Your rewards balance will be decremented at the time of rewards redemption. If your redemption of rewards results in a rewards balance of less than $10, the remaining rewards will not be available for redemption until your rewards balance reaches $10, as described above.