Is it possible to download a receipt from a previous order?

If you need to download a receipt from an earlier purchase, do the following:

1.      Login to your account

2.      At the top right corner of your BJ's screen, hover the cursor over your name

3.      Select "Order History" from the drop-down list

4.      Click on the "Order Details" button

5.      Click the "Print" button

6.      Change the Printer Destination to "Save as PDF"

7.      Click the "Save" button

8.      Navigate to the folder where you'd like to download your receipt (feel free to change your receipt's File Name to a name you'll easily recognize)

9.      Click the "Save" button

Now you can navigate your way to the folder and view your receipt in PDF format.

NOTE: Receipts are available for approximately 13 months after purchase. For older receipts, click on the "Request a Receipt" link at the bottom of the Manage Orders page.