What is a supplemental member?

As a primary member, you can add supplemental members to your membership.* These supplemental members will receive their own BJ's membership card and can create online accounts on

If you have a BJ's Club or BJ's Club+ card membership (not used for business purposes): 

If you have a business membership:

Supplemental members expire on the same day as their primary member. It is up to the primary member to decide which supplemental memberships will be renewed. Therefore, supplemental members cannot renew before the primary member renews.

Primary members may add supplemental members at any time in-Club (at the member services desk) or online (by registering and signing into their online account). To change or remove a supplemental member, please visit the member services Desk in your local Club.

*Online Access memberships cannot have supplemental or household members on their membership. If you would like to convert to a Club Card Membership, please visit the member services desk.

**The $30 charge does not include state and local taxes where applicable or required by law. The fee is also prorated based on the primary member's expiration date (at the time of addition).