Why is the pending charge on my credit/debit card more than my order total?

What is an authorization hold?

An authorization hold is a temporary hold placed on your credit or debit card when you place an order. Authorization holds are not actual charges. They ensure the card is valid and confirm available funds so the order can be processed. Once an item is picked up, delivered or shipped, the authorization hold is released, and charges will post to your account by your financial institution.You could see more than one authorization hold on an order if your order ships in multiple shipments or via different delivery methods (e.g. same-day delivery, ship to home, curbside and in-club pickup).


Why is the authorization hold different from the total shown at checkout?

For same-day delivery and pickup orders, the authorization hold may exceed the order total to account for substitutions. The final charge may be different if any changes occur during the shopping process. For example:

Your card will be charged only for items received upon shipment, delivery or pickup.


How long does it take for the hold to be released?

We release the authorization hold once your order is shipped, picked up or delivered. Depending on your financial institution this can take several days to reflect in your account. If you still see a pending authorization after 7 business days, contact your financial institution for more information.