Berkley Jensen Ceramic Round Planter - Blue & Green

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    Product Overview
    This Berkley Jensen Ceramic Round Planter/Flower Pot with drain hole creates a healthy living environment for your indoor and outdoor plants. Exquisite glazed finish, rich color, simple pattern add artistic spirit to your décor and looks great on your desk, in the garden, on the patio and more. Elegant and beautiful, it’s a wonderful choice for planting flowers such, polka dots, aloe vera, kalanchoe, Chinese evergreen and more. You may also use this planter for growing vegetables and herbs on your balcony. Add sophistication to your décor with this glazed ceramic planter pot. If you decide to use it indoors, don’t forget to place a saucer beneath the flower pot to prevent water and soil leakage on the floor or other surface as drainage holes in the bottom of the pot provide optimal air circulation and prevent water pooling.

    Product Features:

  • A great way to display plants
  • Shapes designed to make re-potting plants easier and ideal for convenient drop-in plants
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • Weather resistant Includes ceramic round planter

  • (Model MTC200-4128)