CleverMade Laundry Duffel - Gray

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    Product Overview
    The CleverMade Laundry Duffle Bag is a perfect space-saving solution to all of our laundry needs. It's one of those essentials that you never realized you needed in your life. While its intended use is for laundry, don't hesitate to use it at the beach, while camping, or even stuffed in your suitcase for a quick road trip or vacation. These carryall bags are also a dream for college students who can load up their laundry as a backpack and keep their hands free to ride a bike to the nearby laundromat or washing machine. Trips to the washer and dryer have never been better! This duffel bag freestanding hamper can be stowed in a bedroom, closet, or right by your washer and dryer. The drawstring cord top lid helps keep those funky clothes at bay and out of sight. It can hold up to 40 lbs. so don't shy away from packing that thing up.

    Product Features:

  • Haul up to two loads of dirty laundry as a backpack, duffel bag, or a carry tote
  • Perfect for college students who live in the dorms and need to take their clothes to a laundromat
  • When empty, simply fold it up and stuff it under your bed or inside of your closet
  • When full of clothes, the hamper bag stands upright and can be stored in any room of your home
  • Get rid of those large old school plastic laundry baskets and flimsy laundry bags and upgrade to these luxe style clothes backpacks
  • Great for storage and organization in a small apartment
  • Can be used in so many ways
  • Perfect as a weekender overnight bag or for road trips with the family
  • Includes wearable laundry hamper

  • (Model DFFL-3911-00028PDQ)