CleverMade Luxe Tote, 2 pk. - Blue

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    Product Overview
    The stylish and collapsible LUXE Tote is the perfect bag to take with you everywhere. Use it at the grocery store, in yoga class, or at a home organization. Made with heavy-duty materials, you can haul up to 30 lbs. of gear. The patented snap hinge allows the tote to collapse to less than 2" when not in use for storage just about anywhere. Say goodbye to flimsy paper and plastic bags and hello to the LUXE tote.

    Product Features:

  • Tote up to 30 lbs. of gear without worrying about this tote tipping, yet it folds down to less than 1.5" when not in use
  • Foldable design makes this a great travel accessory on weekend road trips with your family
  • Use around the house as a small laundry tote or to store towels, toys and clothes
  • These heavy duty totes are the perfect replacement for all of the plastic grocery bags piling up in your car trunk, behind your driver's seat and kitchen
  • Snap up sturdy frame
  • Includes two collapsible totes

  • (Model 7002-4051-0002PDQ)