Dixie Ultra Big Bowl 34 ct./34 oz.

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    Product Overview
    Dixie Ultra big bowl holds 34 oz. to help prevent spilling your heartiest soups and broth-based meals like noodle bowls. Dixie Ultra big bowl is perfect for serving your heaviest, messiest, and sauciest meals. With heavy-duty Dixie Ultra, you can confidently serve your favorite foods and you won’t have to worry about dishes bending, food spilling out, or sauces soaking through. And with their attractive look and designer prints, Dixie Ultra is a great alternative to using (and washing) real dishes. Whether you’re hosting a holiday meal, planning a party, or watching the game with family and friends, you’ll appreciate the convenience and peace of mind that Dixie Ultra brings. Dixie Ultra plates and bowls are microwaveable, cut resistant, recyclable*, and have a soak-proof shield that is designed to handle all types of food, including messy but delicious crowd-pleasers such as slow-cooker chili, beef stew, or jambalaya. Count on them when you’re entertaining, hosting family, or planning a special event or celebration. All Dixie-branded paper bowls, cups, and plates manufactured in Georgia-Pacific facilities are kosher certified by the Orthodox Union. Stock up today. *Dixie Ultra plates and bowls may be recycled if you have access to a recycler that accepts paper products containing food residue. Such facilities may not exist in your area.

    Product Features:

  • Dixie Ultra big bowl help prevent spilling your heartiest soups and broth-based meals like noddle bowls
  • Dixie Ultra big bowls are perfect for serving your heaviest, messiest, sauciest meals
  • Soak proof shield helps keep foods from leaving a mess on your hands
  • Microwave-safe and cut-resistant for use with metal utensils
  • Be certain that Dixie Ultra bowls will hold up to big meals, parties, picnics, or any other occasion you can dish out
  • For use with heavy, messy meals
  • Microwave-safe and cut resistant for use with metal utensils
  • Includes 34-oz. disposable paper bowls

  • (Model 42000)