EMSCO Group Start Pickin' Self Watering Herb Grow Box and Seed Starter - Brown

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    Product Overview
    Enjoy gardening with the EMSCO Group Start Pickin' Self Watering Herb Grow Box and Seed Starter. Made of UV-protected resin, the Start Pickin' is designed to be durable. Its small, 12x20" size makes it ideal as a seed starter or a small herb garden planter. This portable garden bed is ideal for homeowners with very limited space that wish to grow plants and vegetables, indoors or outdoors. Place this grow box on the deck, balcony, fire escape, window sill and other small spaces.

    Additionally, the Start Pickin' automatically waters plants by wicking water from its water reservoir. Plants rest above an aeration screen to improve the flow of oxygen to their roots, promoting faster growth. You can use this in combination with the included mulch cover which also acts as a greenhouse cover for starting seeds. And, despite its small profile, it has a competent 10" deep planting area, plenty of room for most roots. The product’s resin is a food-safe, high-density polyethylene that is BPA- and phthalate-free, which makes it safe for growing edible vegetables. The plastic resin is even FDA-approved for contact with edibles.

    Product Features:

  • Unit is easily mobile thanks to its size for easy transport and sun tracking that works great in areas with limited space
  • Tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, herbs, beans, and much more can all be grown wherever there’s sunlight -- Just add potting mix, seedlings, and water; Each unit includes easy to follow instructions
  • Self-contained system automatically waters plants by wicking moisture from its 1-gallon water reservoir and has water overflow holes to prevent overwatering
  • Plants rest above an aeration screen that enhances the oxygen flow to plant roots and encourages faster growth, which allows you to grow more with less effort
  • Perfect for homeowners with limited space who wish to grow plants and vegetables
  • Users in tight urban apartments can use a city picker, as you can grow vegetables in small spaces, such as fire escapes or rooftop verandas
  • Alleviates weed growth by having its own self-contained soil system
  • Mulch cover is included to further prevent the development of weeds and help start seeds
  • Brown
  • Includes grow box