Everything You Need to Ace Chemistry in One Big Fat Notebook

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    The Big Fat Notebooks go to high school! A lively, fully illustrated guide to acing high school chemistry, with clear notes on the big ideas, helpful tips for memorizing processes and remembering definitions, and lively doodles that make science easier to understand (and fun to study).

    Chemistry? No problem!

    This Big Fat Notebook covers everything you need to know during a year of high school chemistry class, breaking down one big bad subject into accessible units. Learn to study better and get better grades using mnemonic devices, definitions, diagrams, educational doodles, and quizzes to recap it all.

    Atoms, elements, compounds and mixtures
    The periodic table
    Quantum theory
    The mole
    Chemical reactions and calculations
    Gas laws
    pH scale
    Le Chatelier's principle
    ...and much more!

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  • Genre: Educational
  • Paperback
  • Pages: 528
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