Parmalat 2% Reduced Fat Milk, 6 pk. /32 oz.

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    Product Overview
    Parmalat has been supplying high-quality milk around the world since 1961. Their 2% Reduced Fat milk lets you enjoy the creaminess of real dairy milk but with 38% less fat than whole milk and no preservatives. Parmalat milk is the same as fresh milk but simply uses a different pasteurization process. Parmalat milk is heated at higher temperatures (UHT - Ultra High Temperatures) than regular pasteurized milk and then stored in a TetraPak. This way Parmalat milk stays fresh longer and doesn't need to be refrigerated until it is opened. You can store as many bottles as you want and never run out of milk. Great for on the go and traveling lifestyles and for those unexpected storms that keep you indoors. Just like fresh milk, it contains nutrients that are good for your body, such as Calcium, Riboflavin, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, B-12, Phosphorus, Protein, Potassium, and Niacin.

    Product Features:

  • Tastes Fresh - UHT Milk tastes as good as fresh milk
  • Stays Fresh Longer than Refrigerated Milk
  • 100% Real Grade A Milk
  • Sealed in TetraPak packaging to keep the milk fresh and protected from any external contamination.
  • Includes: Six Bottles of Parmalat 2% Reduced Fat Milk Each of 32 oz.

    Ingredients:Grade A UHT Reduced Fat Milk, Vitamin A Palmitate and Vitamin D3