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    Whether you’re going for a leisurely hike or setting off into the wilderness, there is nothing more important than being properly prepared. Being knowledgeable about survival techniques can be the difference between having fun outside and an emergency rescue. Survive provides essential tips and tricks for anyone who spends time outdoors.

    World-renowned survival expert Ky Furneaux has amassed years of experience surviving in some of the world's most extreme landscapes with the bare minimum. This collection of knowledge, techniques, preparations, and life-saving strategies will help you navigate survival situations thanks to Furneaux's easy action steps, cover building shelters, finding and creating potable water, starting and maintaining fires, strategies for different ecosystems, dealing with natural disasters, and first aid.

    Ky Furneaux is a survivalist, award-winning stuntwoman, TV host, and motivational speaker. She produced and documented an extraordinary 100-mile hike across the Sierra Nevada mountain range, and featured in three episodes of Discovery's Naked and Afraid and in season two of Discovery's Ed Stafford: First Man Out, braving a 12,000-foot mountain climb and -22 degree F temperatures.

    Survive is the all-in-one guide to staying alive in extreme conditions! Learn how to create and use a bow drill, a lean-to shelter, and ways to avoid losing body heat in the wilderness. Don't wait for the unexpected to strike. Outlast any emergency with Survive!

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  • Genre: Educational
  • Hardcover
  • For ages: All ages
  • Pages: 400