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Banish Aches and Pains With Acetaminophen

Plagued by headaches or feeling sore after a workout? Tylenol acetaminophen helps you fight the pain and get back to doing the things you care about. With bulk acetaminophen from BJ's, you can always be ready to handle aches and pains.

How Does Acetaminophen Work?

Tylenol acetaminophen helps you feel better by changing how your body receives pain. The ability of acetaminophen to increase your pain threshold means it takes far more pain to make you feel noticeably uncomfortable. The medication also tells your brain to lower body temperature, reducing the unpleasant feelings of a fever. Some acetaminophen in bulk may also come packaged with other medications that do things like help you achieve a better night's sleep.

Get Just the Right Amount of Acetaminophen

Should you buy bulk acetaminophen or just a single bottle of Tylenol acetaminophen? To decide whether or not it is worth getting acetaminophen in bulk, consider your health needs and talk to your doctor. Figure out how often you are taking the medication and look at the expiration date on the bulk acetaminophen. If your recommended dosage will lead to you taking Tylenol acetaminophen often enough to use up the medication before it expires, go ahead and purchase acetaminophen in bulk.

Be Prepared for All Sorts of Issues

When you actually have a migraine or sprained ankle, you probably don't want to be making a lot of trips to and from the store. Whether you buy acetaminophen in bulk or not, BJ's has you covered. For some products, you can select Same-Day Delivery and get your Tylenol acetaminophen delivered straight to the door. We also have the option of buying online and then doing Curbside Pickup to make things easier for you. Sign up for a Membership Card today to access great deals from BJ's Wholesale Club.