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Artificial Pre Lit Christmas Trees

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Our selection of Artificial Christmas trees are currently out of stock, please check back towards the start of the holiday season.
BJ's Wholesale Club Artificial Pre Lit Christmas Trees

Forever Festive

Get the perfect holiday decor to deck your halls year after year with artificial pre lit Christmas trees from BJ's Wholesale Club. These high quality artificial trees deliver all the festive flair of naturally grown trees but with much lower maintenance and easier clean up thanks to built in lights. This special selection of seasonal decor option includes trees in a wide range of sizes, from desk size Christmas trees perfect for office display or slightly larger trees for apartments and smaller common spaces. You can also find a full fledged centerpiece of your holiday decor with a full size artificial tree that will make an impact year after year. Don't fight with falling needles and tangled cords again when the time comes to decorate for the holidays. Get the right tree for a lifetime of special moments in the company of family and friends with the selection of pre lit artificial trees now available at BJ's Wholesale Club.

Perfect for Your Seasonal Spaces

The newest assortment of fake pre lit Christmas trees in stock at BJ's Wholesale Club can make a real impact on your holiday display for years to come. This special assortment of artificial trees is made with an integrated system of lights and other ornamentation, making them much easier to put up and take down than natural pine trees. A desk size tree like the National Tree Company Fiber Optic Radiance Firework Tree is an ideal option for a workplace display in 32 and 36 inch sizes, and it comes fully trimmed so you can set it up in just a few minutes. A choice such as the 4 or 5 foot Kincaid Spruce Tree delivers the festive look while making the most of a limited area. For a more spectacular holiday display, this assortment of artificial trees also includes 6, 7, and 9 foot trees with multicolored lighting to make a statement of Christmas cheer the moment guests walk into a room. Find the perfect option to finish off your most memorable seasonal scenery with the newest selection of wholesale artificial Christmas trees in stock at BJ's Wholesale Club.