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Find a Variety of Bacon for Everyone and Every Occasion

When you're looking for a way to add some savory flavor to a dish, throw in some bacon, which comes in several varieties to suit a range of pallets and dietary restrictions. Take a look at the wide selection of bacon you can find at BJ's Wholesale Club that will make you the top chef in your family.

Microwave Bacon

Let's face it: we all run short on time occasionally. But you can make a delicious addition to your breakfast just by popping in a few strips of microwave bacon. You can add microwave bacon to salads, make BLT sandwiches with them, or use them as a side with your breakfast. Microwave bacon is extremely versatile, and you can find many recipes to try online.

Turkey Bacon

If you want to cut out some of the calories and fat of traditional bacon, try switching over to turkey bacon, which is a delicious addition to many of the recipes that would normally use traditional bacon. You can make turkey bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches or use it as a side. Who knows, there may even be some dishes where you'll prefer the slightly softer texture of turkey bacon.

Veggie Bacon

For those who have completely sworn off of meat or are just trying to cut down on it to help with their cholesterol levels, veggie bacon is the best alternative. Veggie bacon is usually made of tempeh or tofu, and it's a great way to stick to a healthier diet by adding it to your lineup of other meat alternatives, such as meatless burgers.

Whether you're looking for veggie bacon or a more traditional variety, you can find a wide selection at BJ's Wholesale Club. You'll be pleased about what you can find when you sign up for your BJ's Membership Card.