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The Right Mattress for Your Child Can Change Everything

The way your child sleeps impacts their health. The quantity and quality of your child's sleep matters. If your child doesn't have the right mattress, they won't feel comfortable sleeping at night. By shopping at BJ's Wholesale, you can be sure to choose the right mattress. A Berkley Jensen twin mattress can help your child to get a good night's rest. An added benefit of shopping at BJ's Wholesale is that you can get it at a discount price. Let's look at some reasons a Berkley Jensen twin mattress can make all the difference in the world.

Create a Bed Your Child Will Want to Sleep In

If your child resists bedtime, they might not like their mattress. Some kids hate going to bed because they lie awake at night for an hour and sometimes more. Creating a comfortable sleeping experience is of the utmost importance. Whether your child sleeps hot or desires a soft, cushiony feel, you're sure to find the right mattress by looking at BJ's Wholesale Club's selection of Berkley Jensen twin size mattresses.

Ensure Your Child Gets the Right Amount of Sleep

The younger the child, the more sleep they're supposed to get. A 10-year-old should get about 10.5 to 11 hours of sleep per night. Even teenagers benefit from a good 10 hours of sleep. You want to follow the recommended sleep amount, but you'll need to pay attention to how your child responds to the recommended amount too. Some kids need more sleep while others need less. A Berkley Jensen twin mattress can ensure your child gets the right amount of sleep.

Help to Create Better Focus for Education

The quality of your child's sleep matters too. Sleep impacts kids and teens' focus. It's hard to pay attention and experience mental clarity when tired. Your child might doze off during their online sessions or while in class. You'll want to reduce anything that can potentially wake your child from their sleep. Starting with a good mattress is an excellent way to ensure maximum comfort and minimal waking.

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