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BJ's Wholesale Club Bird Houses

Bird Houses and Feeders

While outdoor decor can give your home a distinctive look, much of the charm of your home's exterior spaces stems from its natural beauty, such as healthy, verdant grass, colorful plants that thrive in your garden, and a diverse population of animal visitors such as squirrels, rabbits, and birds. Encourage an appealing array of natural scenery in your outdoor entertaining spaces with the exclusive selection of birdhouses and feeders now available at BJ's Wholesale Club. Bird watchers and lovers of wildlife will get endless hours of enjoyment from these thoughtfully crafted pieces. They are designed to attract and accommodate a range of bird species so their vibrant markings and unique behaviors can delight your family and your guests for years to come. Turn your backyard into a sanctuary for feathered friends with a bird feeder or bird house from the latest stock at BJ's Wholesale Club.

Your Garden Sanctuary

If you have birdhouse ideas for your backyard, start with the excellent selection of feeders and houses now available at BJ's Wholesale Club. Tiny hummingbirds will flock to a feeder like the Perky Pet Woodstream Mason Jar Bird Feeder Set, featuring a galvanized metal base for resistance to the elements and removable glass jars for easy filling and cleaning. You can also invite birds to your backyard with an option like the Kay Home Products Deluxe Gazebo Bird Feeder, accenting your exterior decor with its polished profile while its hexagonal design allows birds to access feed from virtually every angle. It features a removable roof as well, so you can clean it at your convenience. You can even ensure birds feel safe and secure when visiting your exterior spaces with a choice such as the Perky Pet Woodstream Squirrel-B-Gone Bird Wild Feeder. Engineered to attract a broad range of species such as cardinals, jays, and woodpeckers, this feeder is made with an innovative weight sensing design that automatically shuts the feeding ports when squirrels and other rodents attempt to access the feeder. Bring more birds to your garden than ever before with the latest lineup of bird houses now in stock at BJ's Wholesale Club.