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About Bjs Batteries

Powerful Batteries for Less

Shop this selection of BJ's batteries from BJ's Wholesale Club and bring home the accessory you need to bring your favorite electronics to life. Our store brand batteries, Berkley Jensen® batteries are made to meet the same high-performance standards as more expensive brands. They offer the stated amount of power throughout their long life span. Choose from a selection of batteries that includes everything from small AAA batteries to strong 9 volts. Many of today's coolest gadgets and fun toys rely on a good battery to work. Find the right design at an amazingly low price in this collection.

When you use your membership card at BJ's Wholesale Club, you'll unlock special, members-only deals. Stock up on batteries from this line and always have a replacement on hand when the TV remote stops working or that electric toy runs out of juice. Buy in bulk and spare yourself a trip to the store.