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Have You Found the Right Body Wash for Your Skin?

Finding the right body wash is important for skin care. You'll feel good once you find the perfect soap that leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. Even if you've found your match, BJ's Wholesale Club has many of the leading brands in body soaps and washes to meet the needs of you and your family. Our products include men's soaps as well as soaps for different skin types.

Finding the Right Body Wash for Your Skin

Most likely, you have more than one skin type in your family. It's important to buy the right body wash for your skin type. For sensitive skin, doctors recommend choosing body wash that doesn't have fragrances or dyes in it. Products with oatmeal and vitamin E tend to be nourishing for sensitive skin.

If someone in your family has dry skin, you don't want to buy bars of body soap for them. Body soap bars can dry out the skin, making it suitable for those who have oily skin but not so friendly toward dry skin.

Creamy soaps tend to work best for dry skin because they're rich in moisturizing ingredients. Try products with shea butter if other moisturizing body wash hasn't satisfied you. Shea butter is a popular ingredient that people find is good at moisturizing their skin. Olay body wash and Old Spice body wash have products with shea butter.

When Should You Choose Antibacterial Body Wash?

You'll notice that some products are labeled as antibacterial. Although all soaps for cleaning your body help in scrubbing away bacteria, antibacterial body wash contains extra ingredients geared at killing bacteria. Dial is a trusted brand of antibacterial body wash and soap that we have available. If you or anyone in your family has struggled with body odor even after trying different soaps, an antibacterial body wash may help.

Don't Be Afraid to Experiment

You may have to try different types of body wash before you find the one that works best for your skin. We have plenty of options to help you find the one for you. Popular brands we stock include Olay body wash, Dove body wash and Irish Spring body soap. We have body soap products of Olay and Dove, too.

Whether you buy Dove, Irish Spring or Olay body wash for you and your family, we have you covered. You can buy these products in packs of three to save money while stocking up on what you need during the year. Sign up for a BJ's Membership for access to exclusive coupons and other ways to save.