Bubba Burgers


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Grill the Perfect Hamburger With Bubba Burgers

When the craving for burgers strikes, there is nothing like a fresh patty off the grill. Bubba Burgers make it easy to enjoy a juicy hamburger on short notice. These frozen patties are sure to make your next backyard grilling session a success.

How Do You Prepare a Bubba Burger?

Bubba Burger patties are simple to prepare on the grill or stove. There is very little preparation required to achieve the perfect patty. All you need to do is preheat your grill or skillet to a medium-high heat and put on the burger. Beef burgers cook from frozen in about 10-12 minutes with a single flip in the middle. Bubba turkey burgers take a little longer at 12-16 minutes. You should always check to see that your burger reaches a safe internal temperature.

Part of preparing a delicious burger is deciding what to serve with it. You can't go wrong serving your Bubba Angus burgers on Wellsley Farms burger buns with Wellsley Farms organic ketchup.

What Are the Varieties of Bubba Burger Patties?

Bubba Burger patties come in several delicious varieties. For beef lovers, you can enjoy original-style burgers or upgrade to Bubba Angus burgers. For some extra flavor, a Bubba Burger with sweet onions adds a delicious kick to your beef. If you are looking for a healthier option, Bubba turkey burgers give you great grilled taste with less fat.

Bubba Angus burgers and original beef burgers come in packs of 12. Bubba turkey burgers are available in packs of 16. You will want to have plenty of these patties available for your next impromptu grilling session.

Where Can You Buy Bubba Burgers?

You can find the Bubba Burger patties you crave by shopping online at BJ's or directly at your local BJ's Wholesale Club. Whether its original, sweet onion or Bubba Angus burgers, you will find the beef patties you crave. Bubba turkey burgers are also only a few clicks away.

If you want to take advantage of the great values on Bubba Burgers at BJ's Wholesale Clubs, this is the perfect time to join. You can become a member today.