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Use Butter and Margarine for Delicious Meals

Whether you cook in a professional kitchen or a home kitchen, the key to delicious dishes is the right combination of ingredients. For both savory dishes and sweet treats, you typically need either butter or margarine. Butter is a dairy-based product made from either cream or milk. It contains both milk proteins and water. Margarine is different as it uses an oil base. Other ingredients added to the mixture make it taste similar to butter.

Shopping for Butter and Margarine

As you shop, the biggest decision that you need to make is whether to opt for sticks or tubs. Sticks come in boxes with wrappers that protect the product. Most wrappers have measurements on the side to help you while you cook. Butter and margarine that come in tubs do not have any markings. You'll need to measure those ingredients to add them to your recipe. Both products are suitable for storing in your refrigerator.

Baking and Cooking With Butter and Margarine

At BJ's Wholesale Club, you can easily find baking and cooking recipes that call for butter and margarine. Using a little melted butter in place of oil in a boxed cake mix can give the finished cake a lighter and fluffier texture. You can use margarine in breakfast food mixes, too. When the kids are in a hurry and you need to get to work, you can still make yummy pancakes before starting your day.

Butter and margarine are also perfect for home-cooked desserts such as brownies and cookies. You can add a dab at the end to finish a sauce or get a nice sear on a piece of meat. Butter and margarine work in the kitchen and on your grill.

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