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Make Life a Little Sweeter With Cakes, Pies & Brownies

Indulge your sweet tooth with delicious, freshly baked cakes, cupcakes and other desserts. BJ's Wholesale carries a huge array of these sugary treats, so go ahead and give into temptation.

Make It Special With Cakes, Pies & Brownies

Is it someone's special day? Try a decorated birthday cake baked fresh in BJ's Bakery and decorated with your choice of name and occasion. Order a gold birthday cake or a chocolate birthday cake. Each of BJ's cakes are decorated by hand with buttercream frosting.

These desserts are a spectacular way to end a meal. Pies and brownies include gourmet brownies ready for any party and several pie varieties. Thrill your guests with triple chocolate cream cheese cake, red velvet cake or tiramisu cake. Let us take care of your holiday baking!

Share the Sweetness

Show your family some sweetness with a tray of freshly baked gourmet cookies, fudgy brownies or a decadent, three-layer chocolate cake. A strawberry shortcake is a welcome addition to any meal. You don't need a special occasion to enjoy cupcakes, pies and brownies.

You Deserve a Treat

Brighten your day with cupcakes, pies and brownies. Enjoy a slice of fresh carrot cake with your morning coffee. Invite friends over for a pot of tea and cupcakes. Our cakes, pies and brownies will make any day a little better. If you're going to a friend's home, bring over a chocolate truffle cake, gourmet brownies or a cheesecake.

BJ's Wholesale makes it easy to share beautiful, delicious desserts with your friends and family members. Only the best components go into our brownies and other goodies. Our cakes, pies and brownies are freshly made with high-quality ingredients. Order a birthday cake, cupcakes or other desserts at huge savings by joining BJ's Wholesale Club.