Canned Vegetables


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Get the Healthiest Vegetables at BJ's Wholesale Club

Most grocery stores offer a limited produce selection and only sell products that are in season. You miss out on some of the healthiest vegetables that your family loves. At BJ's Wholesale Club, we offer all of the green vegetables and canned goods that you want whenever you shop.

Canned Vegetables as Side Dishes

The most common way that people use canned vegetables is as a side dish. When you whip up a roast or turkey, it's easy to heat some green vegetables and add them to the table. The healthiest vegetables also come in glass jars that let you see what they look like before you buy them. It's easy to open a few canned vegetables and mix them together with a pat of butter or margarine to make unique side dishes, too.

Canned Goods Are More Than Side Dishes

Canned goods are good for more than just side dishes. Black beans and green vegetables can replace some of your favorite meat dishes in something like a black bean burger, which is a great option for a Meatless Monday. Consider adding some of the healthiest veggies in sneaky ways to help your kids eat more green vegetables. You might add a can of mixed veggies to a pot pie or a jar of mushrooms to your spaghetti. Canned goods are also a good alternative to some snacks, especially if you want to watch your carbs. Try snacking on a small handful of canned olives the next time that you crave a salty treat.

With Free Pickup, you can make an order for canned vegetables online and pick up your order in the nearest store. This gives you access to the healthiest vegetables that you won't find in other stores. Find all of the canned goods that you and your family want after signing up for the BJ's Membership Card.