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Shopping for Chicken & Turkey

Whether you're serving a beautiful main course for a family dinner or just preparing some quick healthy lunches, chicken and turkey are excellent options. Packed with protein and low in saturated fat, both the chicken and the turkey you can get at BJ's are great for cooking a healthy meal without sacrificing taste.

How Much Chicken and Turkey Do You Need?

Chicken and turkey are typically sold by the pound, making it easy to calculate just how much you need. A good rule of thumb is four to six ounces of meat per person when it is going to be mixed into a dish like jambalya or served over a filling product such as Barilla pasta. If you plan on serving a large piece as a main course, you may want to get up to 8 ounces of meat per person.

Bone-in, Boneless, Whole, and Parts: Which Is Best?

When purchasing poultry at BJ's Wholesale Club, you will notice that it's available in several different styles. The first thing you need to decide is whether you want a whole bird or chicken parts. Whole poultry tends to have a cheaper price per pound than many popular cuts. However, if you just need a quick meal for a few people, you may want to stick to individual legs, breasts, and other parts because handling an entire bird takes a bit of effort.

You'll also need to think about whether bone-in or boneless is right for your planned meal. Many chefs feel bone-in chicken and turkey has more flavor, but some people like that boneless cooks quicker and is more convenient.

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