Combination Grills


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BJ’s Combo Grills Make Barbecuing and Smoking Effortless

BJ's Wholesale Club makes it easy to shop for fresh food and produce and the combination grills that deliver signature barbecue dishes. A smoker grill combo allows you to smoke and caramelize your barbecue recipes on the same grill combo. Our inventory includes charcoal-fueled, propane-powered and traditional charcoaled wood pellet combination grills, which deliver the classic smoky flavor that aficionados crave. We also carry all the accessories and foods you're likely to need for your grill combo.

Party Planning With Combination Grills

You can grill like a pro with a smoker grill combo, and we carry trusted brands that allow you to switch effortlessly from charcoal grilling to smoking and other grilling fuels. BJ's app makes it easy to plan a complex barbecue event down to the smallest detail, which saves you unnecessary headaches when planning the menu, buying food and supplies and managing the details on the day of the party. You can also find holiday recipes on BJ's Smart Saver Blog.

The Benefits of Combo Grilling and Smoking

Getting a smoker grill combo or any grill combo takes care of the technical side of barbecuing, but it's your expertise and love of barbecue that makes barbecue a special event. Our combination grills save time, money and frustration, but it's your skills that are the most important part of a signature barbecue. Our smoker grill combo enables you to slow-cook dinner for a romantic evening or use the grill combo to handle many barbecue operations simultaneously for demanding dishes like mixed grill.

Your smoker grill combo not only smokes meat until it's falling-off-the-bone tender and adds beautiful grill marks, but it also bakes, braises, roasts, reheats foods, sears and broils. You can visit BJ's sign up page now to become a member. Membership perks include Free Pickup and Same-Day Delivery services and a dedicated app to make shopping and ordering easier.