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Compost Tumblers

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BJ's Wholesale Club Compost Tumblers

Go Natural with a Convenient Compost

A tumbler for compost is a fully sealed container that is easily rotated to mix composting materials inside. These handy bins are ideal for helping contain the heat released by the composting process, effectively speeding up the process of turning your waste into environmentally friendly compost. If you're interested in composting, check out compost tumblers at BJ's Wholesale Club. These handy models make doing your part for the environment a breeze, with convenient and durable features. Toss your kitchen and yard waste into your tumbler rather than into your disposal or garbage can to make the most out of your trash. Check out bins and tumblers made with tough indoor and outdoor materials like reinforced hard shells, UV high impact plastic and more. Choose a handy pop up bin for days when you have more waste than others, or for when you need to pick up on the go. Shop for a compost bin at BJ's Wholesale Club.