Cleaning & Household Goods

Cleaning and Household Goods Make Your Home Shine

Bleach wipes, cleaning sprays and household disinfectants can put a serious dent in your budget. Whether you are airing out your home after a long winter or scrubbing away the summer sand, you'll need to stock up on these necessities at a low price. You'll find a wide selection of cleaning and household goods at BJ's Wholesale Club.

A Well-Kept Kitchen

Your kitchen is the most-used room in the house, which means it is probably the dirtiest. Packing lunches, prepping dinner and your hungry family members helping themselves to the snacks in the pantry all take a toll on the hub of your home. You need to keep your bleach wipes and disinfectant products close at hand to tackle the never-ending mess.

At BJ's, you'll find all of the cleaning and household goods you need to wipe spills, clean counters and scrub sticky floors. We even carry products that eliminate the toughest grease and grime disasters from your microwave, stovetop or oven interior.

Give Your Bathroom the Spa Treatment

Your bathroom will look brand new after you give it the attention it deserves. BJ's stocks plenty of bleach wipes and household disinfectants that are perfect for a quick clean up before guests arrive.

If you need to do a more in-depth cleaning, turn to BJ's selection of household disinfectants to get the job done. Disinfectant sprays eliminate germs that lurk on your bathroom's surfaces, and all-purpose cleaners will make your tiled floors shine.

Freshen Up Your Laundry

Stock up on all your laundry needs at BJ's. Whether you prefer to go the traditional route with liquid detergent or convenient with laundry pods, we have you covered. Don't forget the add-ons like fabric softener and stain removers to help keep your family's clothes soft while looking sharp.

Make Your High-Touch Surfaces Gleam

Keep your home in tip-top shape by using a daily disinfectant on your high-touch surfaces. Bleach wipes quickly and easily address door handles, light switches and countertops, and disinfectant sprays give your home a quick breath of fresh air!

When you shop for your cleaning and household goods at BJ's Wholesale Club, you will find the products you need at a price that doesn't break the bank. For added convenience, have your bleach, all-purpose cleaners, household disinfectants and paper products delivered to your doorstep with our Same-Day Delivery service! Head to our member sign-up page today and experience all of the benefits of a BJ's Membership!