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Dolls & Dollhouses Give Children Hours of Fun

Is there anything more magical than dollhouses? Few things can capture a child's imagination for hours on end like these tiny masterpieces. Dolls and dollhouses unleash the imagination and let kids work through the things they're learning about life. How do families work? What adventures can they expect to have? Give a child a dollhouse filled with dollhouse accessories and let their imagination run free. Here are a few ideas to make their play time even more fun.

Get the Basics

What makes for a great dollhouse experience? Whether you opt for a Barbie house or a different one, the key to picking the right dollhouse for your child is observing their play style. Do they like to spread out? A bigger dollhouse is in order. Do they like "real life" dolls or fantasy dolls? The child who likes princesses and mermaids would absolutely swoon for one of these stunning fantasy dollhouses. Full of color and detail, they are sure to inspire your little one for hours of fun.

Give Each Doll Its Own Room in the House

No doubt the child getting the dollhouse will already have plenty of dolls! It's fun to assign a room to each of the dolls. You can make an introduction of it by having each doll "visit' the house for the first time and having them look around the various rooms. A Barbie house full of Barbies who are roommates could be a lot of fun! You can learn a lot about a child by playing with them and their new dollhouse!

Time for Dollhouse Accessories

Picking the right dollhouse, be it a Barbie house or a fantasy dollhouse, is the first step. Next comes dollhouse accessories! The sky is the limit with the fun details you can add to a dollhouse. Just be careful to read the age restrictions on accessories. Smaller dollhouse accessories may not be appropriate for younger kids. Looking for more kids' gift ideas? Check out BJ's Official Awesome List of Toys - Kid's Toys Buying Guide.

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