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Electric Razors That Feature Flexible Heads and Other Close-Shave Technologies

When you shave, you want a close, smooth shave in as little time as possible. Buying a quality electric shaver that's right for your shaving needs accomplishes this task. BJ's Wholesale Club has electric razors for men and women that are known for performing well.

Electric Shaver for Men

Two trusted brands we have if you need an electric shaver for men are Braun and Philips. You can get an electric shaver for men at affordable prices as a BJ's Member. Common features in the men's electric razors we stock include precision trimmers, flexible shaving heads and MultiHeadLock.

A precision trimmer lets you create beard lines and sideburns. Many men consider this a necessity in their electric shaver. Flexible shaving heads are also important in an electric shaver for men because the face has many contours and angles. Inflexible razors lead to nicks and cuts. MultiHeadLock is another convenient feature that gives you the ability to adjust the shaver's angle for addressing difficult areas.

Electric Shaver for Women

Some of the electric shavers for women that we have available are suitable for sensitive areas as well as your legs. Features may include massage rollers, smartlight technology and SoftLift tips. Massage rollers make the shave more comfortable by gently stimulating the skin. Smartlight technology illuminates your hairs to help you detect them. SoftLift tips lift flat hairs to make shaving easier.

Rechargeable Razors

We have rechargeable razors for men and women available too. Rechargeable razors are convenient because they don't have a cord. The rechargeable razors that we stock can typically be fully charged within an hour.

When you shop at BJ's Wholesale Club, you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to get a quality electric shaver. We have great $100 deals, so you can buy quality electric razors for you and your family. As a club member, you can take advantage of member-only low prices on our electric razors. Sign up for a BJ's Membership today.