Emergency Preparation


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Protect Your Family With Emergency Essentials

Emergency preparation is a smart way to protect your family in case of big weather events or other emergencies. Stock your survival kits with first aid items and flashlights to be ready for anything. Survivalist foods will be invaluable if the emergency lasts longer than anticipated. These items are also great to have on hand for camping trips and road trips.

Get Ready for Anything

Emergency preparation is something every family should do. Put flashlights and first aid supplies in all your survival kits. Teaching your kids about emergency preparation is important.

Batteries Are Emergency Essentials

Batteries are essential to well-stocked survival kits. We have batteries in every size and shape. Keep a good supply of spare batteries to run your radios and flashlights. Duracell Coppertops are a great choice. Don't forget batteries for your hearing aids.

Stock Your Survival Kits

All survival kits should have first aid items. Complete your emergency preparation kits with hydrogen peroxide and pain relievers. Don't forget bandages and antibiotic ointment. Bring your survival kits along when you go camping.

If you're facing an outage, get the power you need with a portable generator. You'll have incredible peace of mind knowing you can run your lights and small appliances. The Durman Dual Fuel Generator With Rapid Start runs on gasoline or propane. It's quiet compared to similar generators and has a spark arrester approved by the USDA Forest Service.

Keep your emergency essentials locked up and safe as part of your emergency preparation. We carry gun safes and fireproof safes that will keep your firearms and important documents safely locked away.

Survivalist Foods Are a Nonperishable Necessity

Be sure to buy survivalist foods and a water storage kit. You'll have all the survivalist foods you need with the Wise Company 372-Serving Ultimate Preparedness Pack. It includes two meals a day for one adult for three months. This survivalist food kit even comes with beverages, desserts and a filtration water bottle. Buy bigger packs to keep your family fed or bring survivalist foods on your next trip.

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