External Hard Drives


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BJ's Wholesale Club External Hard Drives

Discover Cutting-Edge Designs

Browse this high-tech collection of external hard drives from BJ's Wholesale Club and discover state of the art designs that are capable of storing a tremendous amount of data. It wasn't that long ago that a couple hundred gigs was considered a lot of storage. Now, modern portable hard drives can hold up to four terabytes of data. That's over 4,000 gigabytes to store priceless family movies and pictures, all of your favorite music, hours of HD Hollywood movies, and any other type of file you can imagine.

These incredible portable external hard drives are made with increased durability and a fast transfer time. You'll find it's quick and easy to move an entire project from your DAW or video editing program right over to these new drives. You'll save plenty of space on your computer, and the project will be readily accessible, should you need to make some last minute tweaks.

Store Your Data Safely

If you have extremely important files, like business documents, photographs of loved ones, grad school papers, medical records, or any other type of data that you absolutely cannot lose, you need to store them in multiple places. Keep a copy on your desktop, laptop or tablet, upload one copy to the cloud, and save the third on hard drives from this collection at BJ's Wholesale Club. This way, if you are without internet connection and your computer stops functioning, you'll still have access to the data you need.

Like all other tech gear and electronics from BJ's Wholesale Club, desktop hard drives from this collection are manufactured by industry-leading companies and designed for a long life. Choose a 1TB drive and use it to store monthly backups of all your computers and devices, or opt for a bigger drive, fill it with your favorite films and TV shows, and bring it over to a friend's house for an unforgettable movie night.