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Flannel Sheets

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BJ's Wholesale Club Flannel Sheets

Flannel Sheet Sets

Get the ideal bedding option for the coldest nights with the newest selection of flannel sheets in stock from BJ's Wholesale Club. These warm and cozy sheet sets are made with the finest available material blends to deliver season after season of comfort. They also offer a machine washable design for easy maintenance. These premium flannel sets seal in warmth so you'll never roll onto a cold section during a blissful night's sleep. They are also treated with high quality fabric dyes so their colors and graphic prints endure long term. Bundle up for a restful night's sleep any time of year with the exclusive line of cold weather bedding options now available from BJ's Wholesale Club.

Cozy and Comfortable

When the chilliest nights of the year roll around, get a great night's sleep with the best flannel sheets from BJ's Wholesale Club. Flannel sheets are made by passing a heavy base fabric over a series of steel cylinders with sharp teeth, a process called "napping". This draws hundreds of thousands of tiny fibers from the fabric to create insulating air pockets as well as the famous fuzz that has made flannel into one of the most popular sleeping options on the market. Flannel sheet sets are warm the moment you touch them, offering a luxurious and inviting feel when you need it most. Fall asleep faster and slumber more soundly with these flannel sets, sealing in your body heat and ensconcing you in comfort. These premium bedding options can also help save on your energy expenses and create a more comfortable atmosphere for sleeping due to reduced use of indoor heating, which can dry out the air over time. Maintaining a warmer sleeping temperature can possibly provide a level of relief from chronic pain conditions such as arthritis by keeping joints warm and loose while you sleep. Create a cohesive aesthetic by pairing flannel sheets in a solid base color with your existing decor, or bring added visual interest to the space with flannel sheets featuring a distinctive design. Get soft flannel sheets from BJ's Wholesale Club to enjoy a better night's sleep when the temperature drops.