Food Dehydrators & Preservation


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Food Dehydrators Can Be Fun While Achieving Healthier Eating

Using fruit dryers and beef jerky dehydrators is how many people add healthier eating habits to their lives. A dehydrator removes liquid from various food, leaving the nutrients and flavor. Not only can you use a dehydrator to dry fruits, meat and vegetables for health reasons, food dehydrators can be used to preserve an abundance of food to save for months to come.

Reasons to Use a Dehydrator

Food dehydrators at BJ's Wholesale Club are an economical way to make your own healthy snacks. You can buy a variety of fruit from us in bulk and preserve with a fruit dryer purchased using your BJ's Membership Card. Our members receive generous savings that include 2% cash back on many items as well as savings on gas.

Beef jerky dehydrators and fruit dryers can be used to stock up on a good source of protein for the year. You don't need to worry about food going to waste when you can save it in special vacuum-packed bags until you are ready to eat it. Treats made with meat and produce from BJ's Wholesale Club can be mixed into trail mix, added to lunches or eaten anytime without leaving a mess.

How to Use Food Dehydrators

The exact steps might differ depending on the brand, but preserving food with your beef jerky dehydrator or fruit dryer is a simple and fun way to enjoy family time. Choose the foods you want to dehydrate and cut them into the size you prefer. Follow the directions for your choice in food dehydrators and await the tasty results. The results can be a delicious addition to grilled items when you get together with family and friends.

BJ's Wholesale Club offers a selection of food dehydrators at a range of prices with one sure to fit your budget. Come in today or go online to sign up for a BJ's Membership Card to start saving on a fruit dryer and all of your BJ's purchases.