Freezer Bags


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Restock on Freezer Bags for Your Kitchen

Ziploc freezer bags are considered a staple of any kitchen. They can be used for storing food, packing lunches, and even in your weekly meal prep. We have several different Ziploc freezer bag size options available online and in-club, allowing you to restock in bulk or as you need them.

Various Size Options for All Your Needs

We offer freezer bags in several different sizes, including Ziploc quart bag options. Use our gallon Ziploc bags to freeze food in bulk, allowing you to stock up your freezer with food for the entire week. You can also use the gallon Ziploc bags as a way to store miscellaneous items in bulk as well, like art supplies or small items you don't want to lose. Ziploc quart bag options are perfect for packing snacks in lunch boxes, holding small items, or even storing ingredients.

Meal Prep With Your Favorite Freezer Bags

One of the perks of having Ziploc freezer bags on hand is that you can use them for meal prep and to save time and money. Buy your favorite types of meat in bulk and then separate it by serving size into gallon Ziploc bags. This will make it easier than ever to portion out ingredients for your meals and make sure that you're getting the most out of the food you're buying. You can also use Ziploc quart bags and gallon Ziploc bags to marinate and prepare meat before it's cooked.

Multiple Shopping Options at BJ's Wholesale Club

You never know when you're going to run out of Ziploc freezer bags. That's why BJ's offers multiple ways for you to restock your kitchen with the Ziploc quart bag or gallon Ziploc bags you need. Shop in-store deals and specials on freezer bags at your local BJ's Wholesale Club as a member or purchase gallon Ziploc bags online. BJ's is also proud to offer Curbside Pickup, making it easier than ever for even the busiest people to grab their order and go. Become a member to take advantage of this and more deals.