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Find the Hottest Sauces

Companies that make products such as Franks RedHot Sauce sell thousands of bottles a year to those who love hot and spicy flavors. While you might add a few drops to a soup or stew to add some heat, you can use hot sauces on everything from appetizers to desserts. Shop for sauces that have just the right amount of heat for you.

Hot Sauces for Chicken

When you think of Tabasco sauce and similar products, you probably think of spicy chicken wings. The heat is a nice complement to the flavor of poultry. With Sriracha and other sauces, you might soak chicken or turkey overnight in a marinade and pop it on the grill or in the oven the next morning. Franks RedHot Sauce works as a topping for burgers and sandwiches, too. Those who like the flavor of Sriracha but not the heat can mix it with a bit of mayo and some other spices. These sauces add a finishing touch to many dishes.

Tabasco Sauce for Desserts and More

Combining sweet and spicy flavors in desserts is a hot trend. Why not try it at home with some Franks RedHot Sauce and your favorite brownie recipe? The heat lingers in the background and adds an interesting touch to the sweet treat. Tabasco sauce adds a spicy touch to drinks, too. When you add a dash to a Bloody Mary, you get a tomato juice drink that is anything but bland.

BJ's Wholesale Club Has All the Hot Sauces That You Want

Shop for Sriracha, Franks RedHot Sauce and all the other hot sauces that you love at BJ's Wholesale Club. Look for small bottles that fit in your cabinet and large jugs of Franks RedHot Sauce that are similar to what restaurants use. Enroll and get your BJ's Membership Card to find sauces that add the perfect touch to dozens of recipes.