Laundry And Clothing Care


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Freshen Up With Laundry and Clothing Care Products

Get fresh-smelling, clean laundry with laundry and clothing care products. You'll find your favorite brands at deep discounts. Laundry and clothing care are important parts of the way you care for your family. Leave them with clean, soft clothes they'll love wearing.

Get Specialty Laundry and Clothing Care

What type of detergent do you prefer? Liquid detergent is available in extra-large sizes that work well for a large family. Get the convenience of laundry soap pods you toss into the washing machine with no measuring and no mess.

Do you need specialty laundry soap? You can find Woolite detergent for delicate hand washables and Woolite for dark clothing. These special detergent formulas protect your clothes and prevent shrinking. If you need detergent for your baby's blankets and clothes, try Dreft with no colors or perfumes. Seventh Generation is an eco-friendly laundry soap that uses essential oils and botanical extracts to clean and freshen your clothes.

Get HE Detergent for Your HE Machine

Laundry and clothing care includes products like fabric softeners from Berkley Jensen and Snuggle. They come in a wide variety of scents to leave everything smelling great. BJ's carries stain removers and laundry soap boosters to get those tough stains out.

Do you have an efficient new machine? HE detergent works in your high-efficiency washing machine. This detergent is specially designed to work in these low-water machines, and manufacturers recommend using HE detergent.

Racks and Hampers Keep You Organized

Make laundry and clothing care easy with sorting hampers and drying racks. Drying clothes on the rack is a smart way to save money. It also protects your clothes from shrinking and fading in the dryer. You can find drying racks of all sizes, including a collapsible one. Speed through cleaning day with the help of a garment steamer that zaps out wrinkles. Keep lint rollers near your other laundry and clothing care items so they're in easy reach.

Laundry and clothing care items make it easy to care for your family. Buy them at deep discounts when you join BJ's Wholesale Club.